About yESMI Groups

All young ESMI Groups are part of the ESMI, initiated and run by dedicated early-career imaging scientists. It is a “bottom-up” initiative promoting the formation of a strong national network of ECR’s to provide an informal, easy entry into the broader, international environment of the ESMI.

All yESMI Groups are strongly connected. Besides their individual activities, they organize common activities like yESMInars or a dedicated Mentoring programme for early career researchers. Every year they all meet at the EMIM.

Current yESMI Groups


BMIC | Belgian Molecular Imaging Community

Founded back in 2015, BMIC is the first youngESMI group and since then a driving force.


GyMIC | German young Molecular Imaging Community

GyMIC organizes each year the MoBi to provide young imaging scientists an informal platform to enter the community.


FINYS | French Imaging Network of young Scientists

Interested in joining the French youngESMI Group leadership to shape the future of imaging science?


ySMIN | young Spanish Molecular Imaging Network

ySMIN is a lively, friendly, and inspiring network of Spanish early career imaging scientists.


yMICUK | young Molecular Imaging Community in the UK

The British youngESMI group invites all early career imaging scientists in the UK to create a lively network.

The Netherlands

DyMIC | Dutch young Molecular Imaging Community

DyMIC invites all Dutch young imaging scientists to connect and enlarge their network!


SwyMIC | Swiss young Molecular Imaging Community

SwyMIC – an innovative, small yESMI group always looking for wonderful activities to connect the Swiss imaging community.

Who we are and what we aim for:

Check out our video – even from 2020 and the Swiss and Italian Group missing, it still nicely shows what motivates us.

  • Introduction by ESMI Board Member Tim Witney | 00:50 Belgium | 02:37 The Netherlands | 03:31 France | 04:52 Germany | 05:55 UK | 06:57 Spain
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