Summer Picnic

We’re so excited and hope you like it too: introducing the Summer Picnic Series by yMIKUK – the young British ESMI Group!
Let’s meet, chat, talk science, support and get to know each other – simply strengthen and expand the UK network of (young) image scientists!

How it works

We just meet after work at 6pm at a nice spot outside, each time in a different city. Besides talking about science and life, hurdles, and success stories, we can plan further yMIKUK activities, learn about your needs and ideas… we start in London on 26 July.

What to bring
  • A welcome drink is provided .
  • Bring food to share and any other drinks you’d like.
  • Don’t forget cutlery/crockery. THAT’S IT!

Registration is open for LONDON!

upcoming editions:
  • LONDON: 26 July 2024 @ 6pm (Regent’s Park)
  • GLASGOW: tbc

Interested in organizing a summer picnic in your city? Just contact us via


Regent’s Park, LONDON | 26 JULY 2024
Who we are and why you should join

yMIKUK is the British young ESMI group and as such part of the “mother society”. It is a bottom-up initiative run by the wonderful leadership team. Their aim is to provide an easy, informal entry into the imaging science community and to build a strong (British) network at the very beginning of one’s career.

Learn more about the British young ESMI Group here.

  • Ella-May Hards, London
  • Lisa Duff, Glasgow
  • Christina Katsiva, London
Let’s strengthen the British Imaging Science Community!