Looking back

Wow & a deep bow to this extraordinary imaging science community! You have made this EMIM the biggest and most vibrant yet. Thanks for joining this adventure, for your support, your trust and patience, and your unlimited dedication for this wonderful, multidisciplinary research field you all have the pleasure to work in.


Out of respect for the environment, no printed programmes were provided. The EMIM APP will continue to be available (https://eventclass.it/app/emim2024/). The access of digital posters, video pitches, or your notes are only available for EMIM attendees (login required).

Programme | Awardees | Insights

Programme Download Options

  • Basic session overview per Day (4 pages)
  • Oral sessions only, no abstracts (9MB)
  • Posters only (12 MB)

Plenary Lectures

  • Opening Lecture by KULLERVO HYNYNEN, Toronto
    “MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound for Targeted Drug Delivery and Gene Therapy”
  • STEPHEN BADYLAK, Pittsburgh
    “The Extracellular Matrix and Structure-Function Relationships in Regenerative Medicine”
  • JOSEPH MORAN, Strasbourg
    “The Metabolic Origin of Life”
    “New Frontiers and Emerging Nanomaterials for Advancing Image-Guided Perioperative Cancer Care and Drug Delivery”
  • ELISABETH DE VRIES, Groningen (ESMI Award 2024)
    “Molecular Imaging for the Bigger Cancer Medicine Picture”
  • CRISTINA SIMO COSTA, St. Louis / San Sebasti├ín (ESMI PhD Award 2023)
    “Radiolabelling, monitoring, and preclinical evaluation of urease-powered nanomotors as potential theranostic agents for bladder cancer”
  • + three YIA finalists – see right hand side

Parallel Sessions & Titles

To accommodate all your excellent work, we increased sessions in parallel to five (all in all 30). Each one started with an introductory lecture (aside of the late-breaking sessions) giving an update on the state-of-the-art research in that field – a particular thanks to all speakers!

Session IDSession Name
PS 01 Multi-modality/-plexed | Probes & Reporter Genes
PS 02Data Analysis & AI
PS 03Optical Technologies & Spatial Tissue Omics
PS 04Preclinical Studies | Cancer Therapy & Diagnosis
PS 05Imaging of Pathogens
PS 06PET/SPECT | Probes & Reporter Genes
PS 07Cardiovascular Imaging
PS 08Molecular & Cellular Tracing
PS 09MRI, MRS & MPI Technologies
PS 10Metabolism
PS 11Brain (Micro-) Structure, Anatomy & Receptors
PS 12 Gastrointestinal Imaging
PS 13Multiscale & Multimodal Imaging
PS 14Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy 
PS 15Advanced in vitro Models
PS 16 Optical/Ultrasound/Optoacoustic | Probes & Reporter Genes
PS 17X-ray, PET, SPECT & Hybrid Technologies
PS 18Image-Guided Drug Delivery
PS 19Clinical Studies | Cancer Therapy & Diagnosis
PS 20Pulmonary & (Micro)Vascular Imaging
PS 21Neuroimaging Tools in Disease Models
PS 22 Image Acquisition & Reconstruction
PS 23Mesoscopic & Mass Spec Imaging
PS 24Cancer Biology
PS 25 Interventional & Surgical Imaging
PS 26Brain Metabolism, Function & Perfusion
PS 27Imaging Host Responses in Inflammation & Infection
PS 28MRI/MPI | Probes & Reporter Genes
PS 29New Tools to Image Cancer
PS 30Ultrasound & Optoacoustic Technologies
Parallel Sessions (PS) – filled with your submissions

Go to EMIM 2024 Programme for Abstracts or the EMIM App incl. video-pitches and digital posters

Educational Sessions

  • ES 01 | Clinical Trials – Design & Best Practice
    Organized by Roger Schibli, Zurich/Villigen & Willemien Menke van Oordt, Amsterdam
  • ES 02 | MRI Pulse Sequences – Principles, Misconceptions & Applications
    Organized by Louise van der Weerd, Leiden & David Thomas, London
  • ES 03 | Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics – Design Principles
    Organized by Twan Lammers, Aachen & Rafael T.M. de Rosales, London
  • ES 04 | X-Ray/CT – Basics & Developments
    Organized by Greetje vande Velde, Leuven & Emmanuel Brun, Grenoble

Study Group Sessions

  • Chemistry
  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Onco-Immunology & Therapy
  • X-Ray/Lung Imaging
  • Standardization in small Animal Imaging
  • Neuroimaging
  • Hyperpolarized-MRI
  • Image-Guided Drug Delivery
  • Intra-Operative Imaging
  • Mass Spectrometry

Learn more about the ESMI Study Groups

EMIM 2024 Poster Sessions

Two Poster Sessions were scheduled with no competitive sessions in parallel. In 40 thematic poster walks, 498 posters were presented. Each of the poster walks was chaired by two chair persons and resulted into an EMIM 2024 poster award – see all awrdees here.

Thanks for your participation & support!

  • Bruker/Molecubes/pmod/Spectral Instruments Imaging
  • MILabs
  • MR solutions
  • Mediso
  • Sedecal
  • FujiFilm VisualSonics
  • NVision Imaging Technologies
  • Revvity
  • PhanTech
  • ITM
  • TissueGnostics
  • Vilber
  • Photon etc. Inc
  • 02M
  • BioSpace Lab
  • nanoPET
  • Inviscan
  • iThera Medical
  • AI4R
  • BioInVision
  • Scintica
  • EMIT Imaging
  • Vieworks
  • Bioemtech
  • Pure Devices
  • Guangzhou Biolight Biotechnology
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Bracco for supporting the Young Invesigator Award
  • QUEL Imaging for supporting the Intra-Operative Imaging Study Group
EMIM 2024 in Numbers
  • 74 Oral Sessions
  • 30 Parallel Session
  • 9 Plenary Lectures
  • 5 Focus Sessions
  • 5 Educational Session
  • incl. certified 3R Symposium
  • 10 Study Group Sessions
  • 8 Project / Infrastructural Session
  • 4 Industry Sessions
  • 4 young ESMI Sessions
  • 124 Session Chairs
  • 345 Talks
  • 27 Introductory Talks
  • 498 Poster Presentations
  • 447 Digital Posters
  • 40 Thematic Poster Walks
  • 80 Poster Chairs
  • 30 Exhibitors
  • 156 (sub)-Category Chairs
  • 778 Reviewers
  • 10605 single scores
  • 736 Abstracts – each reviewed by an average of 14,4 Reviewers.
  • And… 1200 reusable bottles for all of you!

Young Investigator Award

The YIA 2024 was presented to: 

Dion Terwiel from Delft for his work on “Acoustic pH biosensors for ultrasound imaging of cellular acidification”


Henriette Mandelbaum from Erlangen on “Ultrasound localization microscopy for super-resolution imaging of human neonatal cerebral microvasculature”

Swannie Pedron from Caen on “Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) for in vivo tracking of lung inflammation”

The YIA 2024 was kindly supported by BRACCO.