Impact factor of “Molecular Imaging and Biology” is 3,1 (2022). 

Molecular Imaging and Biology -MIBI – published by Springer – is the official journal of the ESMI and the World Molecular Imaging Society.

The MIBI is providing a forum for the discovery of molecular mechanisms of health and disease through the use of imaging techniques – submit your work!

Good to know…

  • NO additional costs for COLOUR PRINTING! 
  • 34 days average time from submission to first decision
  • 20 days average time from acceptance to online publication


Editor in Chief: Jason Lewis, New York

Deputy Editor in Chief: Marty Pagel, Houston

Consulting Editors

Zaver M. Bhujwalla, Baltimore
Hedvig Hricak, New York
Ren-Shyan Liu, Taipeh
Michal Neeman, Rehovot
Bernd Pichler, Tübingen

European/Regional Editor

Kevin Brindle, Cambridge
Bertrand Tavitian, Paris

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