Advancing Careers of Early-Stage Imaging Scientists in Academia

made by and for early career imaging scientists

Currently no applications are accepted. The next call is scheduled for spring 2022.

The Concept

The ESMI Mentoring Programme is based on a self-organized one-to-one mentoring (see Tandem* below) accompanied by ESMI-organized actions involving the mentee-peer-group and certain workshops.

Target Group

Early career imaging scientists in academia – 
2nd year PhD to 2nd year postDoc


One year of arranged mentoring + a certain time for pre-arrangements like introductory workshop

Group Size

Six seats per year are available

Main Pillars

  • Mentee-Mentor Tandem*
  • Mentee peer-group
  • Centrally organized workshop/events


You are an early career imaging scientists in academia (2nd year PhD to 2nd year postDoc)

You are a member of the ESMI

The following documents need to be provided within the application period:

  • CV incl. list of publications so far
  • Motivation letter (max. one page)
  • The filled application form (template)

Applications for the first term (2021-2022) were accepted between 12 and 25 May 2021.

Mentee-Mentor Tandem

A Tandem is defined as an independent and confidential professional alliance free of hierarchy between an early-stage imaging scientist (Mentee) and the more experienced person (Mentor). This alliance forms a one-to-one partnership with a specific mandate (e.g. define aims and decision-making processes, develop a career strategy, set up a research group, transfer faculty-specific knowledge and skills).

Milestones & Concept

The Mentee receives primarily

  • Feedback on career planning in line with the plans for her/his life
  • Individual support and inspiration with respect to the strategic development and effective realization of her/his scientific career
  • Knowledge, contacts, and formal as well as informal rules of the game with respect to working in science
  • Support with the contemplation of personal skills/competencies and strengths
Mentoring Tree
Timeline 2021

Application period
12 – 25 May 2021 – CLOSED

Selection & Interviews
Early June 2021

Introductory Workshop for Mentees
24 June 2021

Matching Process finalised
Late June 2021

First Tandem Meeting 
July 2021

ESMI Coordinating Committee
  • Frauke Alves, Göttingen – ESMI Board
  • Marleen Keyaerts, Brussels – ESMI Board
  • Sophy Poty, Montpellier – French youngESMI
  • Beatriz Salinas, Madrid – Spanish youngESMI
Opportunities for Mentees 
  • Analysis of current career and future perspectives
  • Self-reflection and self-confidence
  • Confidence in decision making processes
  • Visibility and positioning in the scientific community
  • Raising awareness for structural barriers
  • Access to information and career-relevant networks
Opportunities for Mentors
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience
  • Reflection of own career path
  • Improvement of advisory skills and competence
  • Positive experience of role as leader
  • Enlargement of network also through Mentor-Group
  • Add-on to CV