Advancing Careers of Early-Stage Imaging Scientists in Academia

made by and for early career imaging scientists

Applications for 2022/23 are closed – sorry!

The Concept

The ESMI Mentoring Programme is based on a self-organized one-to-one mentoring (see Tandem* below) accompanied by ESMI-organized actions involving the mentee-peer-group and certain workshops.

Target Group

Early career imaging scientists in academia – 
3rd year PhD to 3rd year postDoc


One year of arranged mentoring + a certain time for pre-arrangements like introductory workshop

Group Size

Five seats per year are available

Main Pillars

  • Mentee-Mentor Tandem*
  • Mentee peer-group
  • Centrally organized workshop/events


Applications for the term (2022-2023) were accepted between 27 June and 5 July 2022.

You are an early career imaging scientists in academia (3rd year PhD to 3rd year postDoc)

You are a member of the ESMI

The following documents need to be provided within the application period:

  • Short bio (tabular CV)
  • List of publications so far
  • Motivation letter (max. one page)
  • The filled application form (template)

Mentee-Mentor Tandem

A Tandem is defined as an independent and confidential professional alliance free of hierarchy between an early-stage imaging scientist (Mentee) and the more experienced person (Mentor). This alliance forms a one-to-one partnership with a specific mandate (e.g. define aims and decision-making processes, develop a career strategy, set up a research group, transfer faculty-specific knowledge and skills).

Milestones & Concept

The Mentee receives primarily

  • Feedback on career planning in line with the plans for her/his life
  • Individual support and inspiration with respect to the strategic development and effective realization of her/his scientific career
  • Knowledge, contacts, and formal as well as informal rules of the game with respect to working in science
  • Support with the contemplation of personal skills/competencies and strengths
Mentoring Tree
Timeline 2022

Application period
27 June – 5 July 2022

Selection & Interviews
CW 32 (8-12 Aug. 2022)

Introductory Workshop for Mentees
End of August

Matching Process finalised
August/September 2022

First Tandem Meeting 
September 2022

ESMI Coordinating Committee
  • Frauke Alves, Göttingen – Chair and ESMI Past President
  • Doris Kracht – ESMI Management Office
  • Dario Longo, Torino – ESMI Board
  • Sophy Poty, Montpellier – French youngESMI
  • Beatriz Salinas, Madrid – Spanish youngESMI
  • Roger Schibli, Zurich/Villingen – ESMI Board
  • Marlene Wiart, Lyon – ESMI Board
Opportunities for Mentees 
  • Analysis of current career and future perspectives
  • Self-reflection and self-confidence
  • Confidence in decision making processes
  • Visibility and positioning in the scientific community
  • Raising awareness for structural barriers
  • Access to information and career-relevant networks
Opportunities for Mentors
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience
  • Reflection of own career path
  • Improvement of advisory skills and competence
  • Positive experience of role as leader
  • Enlargement of network also through Mentor-Group
  • Add-on to CV