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Focus on young Imaging Science

by youngESMI Groups©

Every third Wednesday per month, one yESMI group organizes a 45 minutes webinar named “yESMInar – Focus on young Imaging Science” highlighting the work of an early career imaging scientist. The subsequent discussion is led by a renowned senior expert.

Next Edition | 18 October 2023

Using Nanodroplets for Proton range Verification | EDITION #23

18 October 2023, 15.00h-15.45h CEST


In vivo Radiation Sensing using Phase-Change Ultrasound Contrast Agents


Bram Carlier, Leuven

Discussion Lead:


Organizer / Chair:

Belgium young ESMI Group

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Registration is free of charge, but obligatory. Webinars are held via Zoom and open to all (members and non-members). All yESMInars are recorded. Missed a live webinar? Find all recordings here.

What is a yESMInar?

It is a series of short webinars, each organized and chaired by one youngESMI Group


Every third Wednesday per month starting at 15.00h CET.

How long?

45 minutes


The main speaker is an early career imaging scientists selected and invited by the organizing youngESMI Group. The subsequent discussion round is led by a senior expert/PI.


Promote the work of young imaging scientists. Provide an informal platform for extending the professional network of young imaging scientists.

How can I participate?

You can join each yESMInar of your choice. You just have to register. Registration is free of charge but obligatory! Webinars are recorded and held via Zoom.