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“We already made this mistake” – webinar series by ysmin

ySMIN regularly organizes Spanish webinars –
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Next edition on 29 April 2024!

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The young Spanish Molecular Imaging Network – ySMIN is a pioneering molecular imaging community in Spain that aims to promote the formation of a network of young scientists working in the field of molecular imaging. ySMIN welcomes researchers working in all imaging modalities and offers MSc/PhD students and early career postDocs an easy and friendly entry into the imaging community. In this sense, ySMIN pursues to attract Spanish imaging scientists to the ESMI in order to strengthen the imaging community.

  • To bring together the young Spanish imaging community in order to create a pioneering regional network.
  • To create a knowledge hub for molecular imaging built on a multidisciplinary team of researchers with background in biology, chemistry, engineering, nanotechnology and physics, among others.
  • To foster collaborations between different laboratories within the network.
  • To organize scientific meetings and workshops in the field open to the Spanish imaging community.
  • To provide an overview of Spanish research activity in the field of molecular imaging.
  • To attract young Spanish imaging scientists to the ESMI.
ySMIN Leadership
  • Mario González Arjona, Madrid
  • Lara García Varela, Santiago de Compostela
  • Adrian Margüello, Madrid
  • Albert Gandioso, Berlin
  • Aurora Rodríguez, A Coruña
  • Ana Joya, San Sebastián
  • Claudia Esposito, San Sebastián
  • Esther Rubio, San Sebastián
  • Jessica Fraga, Santiago de Compostela
  • Jesús Silva, Madrid
  • Laura Aguado, San Sebastián
  • Leyre Iturmendi, Madrid
  • Maider Garbizu, San Sebastián
  • María Gómez, San Sebastián
  • María Muñoz, Santiago de Compostela
  • Natalia Miguel, Madrid

If you want to join our community, participate in the organization of our activities, or share your ideas, do not hesitate to contact us via

Check out our webinar series “We already made this mistake”

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