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FiNYS Apéro series is back!!!

FINYS organizes “bottom‐up”-activities initiated and led by early-career imaging scientists with the support and back-up of PIs and the ESMI. FINYS promotes the formation of a strong French network of young scientists’ working in the field of imaging science and provides them with an easy entry into the broader, international community. 

  • To bring together young scientists (M.Sc./ PhD students and young post‐docs) interested in the field of imaging science.
  • To offer the opportunity to share knowledge.
  • To foster collaborations between research groups and create a strong national network.
  • To offer an overview of regional research and research labs and serve as a job forum.
  • To provide young scientists with an easy and informal entry into the broader imaging community.
  • To attract (young) imaging scientists to the ESMI.
  • Swannie Pedron, Caen
  • Audrey Picot, Caen
  • Amaury Guillou, Caen
  • Matthieu Chourrout, Lyon
  • Celine Chevaleyre, Paris

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