Study Group members tackle together a specific theme of interest. All ten groups are initiated and run by its dedicated group leadership and members and are closely connected.

Open Call for new Leadership Teams

Are you interested in actively shaping the future of image science, expanding your network, and looking behind the scenes of the society?

There are FIVE OPEN CO-CHAIR POSITION in the following groups (incoming Chairs in brackets):

  • ONCOIMMUNOLOGY & THERAPY (Johannes Schwenck, Lausanne/Tübingen)
  • CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING (Daniel Stuckey, London)
  • X-RAY/LUNG IMAGING (Greetje Vande Velde, Leuven)
  • STANDARDIZATION (Geoffrey Warnock, Zurich)
  • NEUROIMAGING (Serena Milicevic Sephton, Cambridge)

How to apply

Apply via email with deadline 27 January 2023 providing the following information:

  • Study Group of interest
  • Name & Affiliation
  • Current position
  • Background
  • Motivation statement (3-4 sentences) 
Study Group News


Currently ten Study Groups are active – all strongly connected. Membership in any set of Study Group is free of additional charge for members of the society.

Interested in joining a Study Group?

You are an ESMI member already? Just log-in to your ESMI member portal, proceed to tab”edit your membership details” and sign-in to any set of Study Group you are interested in.

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Proceed to the Member Portal and register – it is just 85€/year, 20€/year for PhD students.

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