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The X-Ray Study Group has joined forces with the Lung Imaging Team. The Kick-off of this newly formed X-ray & Lung Imaging study group took place within the scope of the EMIM 2021. Interested in joining the group – just sign in!

Importance & Purpose

X-ray based imaging continues to be the most frequently applied diagnostic tool in clinical routine, with Computed Tomography (CT) being even the gold standard for lung diagnostic imaging. Nevertheless, it is often considered outdated or of minor interest in basic and preclinical research. 

Recent years have seen the appearance of novel and exciting developments that can change the paradigm and revolutionize the X-ray imaging modality, such as phase and dark-field contrast methods, energy resolved detectors, sub-micron resolution micro-CT and high speed 4D imaging to name a few. Many of these new techniques, however, are still in prototype status with limited access, and pose new challenges and opportunities towards the development of dedicated contrast agents, data processing techniques, radiosafety considerations, etc… 

This is a challenge that cannot be efficiently tackled by a single institute, a small network or a single discipline, but requires a combined international effort of interdisciplinary experts in engineering, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. 

With lung imaging being a major application of, but not limited to, X-ray tomography, the challenge extends to the development and application of different lung imaging techniques, including radionuclide imaging and MRI innovations dedicated to this vital organ.

Main objective of the study group is to create a network:
  • to increase the visibility of the novel techniques and join efforts for their development and implementation in the clinical, translational and basic research context
  • to provide access to important infrastructures and resources, like synchrotron light sources, multimodal imaging facilities, protocols and software provided by the members to a broader community
  • to support young researchers on X-ray and lung imaging with opportunities for training and internships within the network
  • to define guidelines towards standardization and dose limits for new techniques, towards human applications as well as for animal research.
  • to stimulate new scientific collaborations and funding applications between the members

Group Review Article

X-ray-Based 3D Virtual Histology – Adding the Next Dimension to Histological Analysis
Albers, J., Pacilé, S., Markus, M.A., Wiart M., Vande Velde, G., Tromba, G., Dullin, C.

Founding members
  • Giuliana Tromba – Trieste
  • Christian Morel – Marseille
  • Christian Dullin – Göttingen
  • Sam Bayat – Grenoble

past & current leadership

Christian Dullin – Göttingen
Giuliana Tromba – Trieste
Monica Abella – Madrid
Greetje Vande Velde – Leuven
Jordi Llop – San Sebastian

How to contact us?

Twitter: @ESMI_SG_XRLI (coming soon!)

Group Leadership

  • Chairs: Greetje Vande Velde, Leuven
    Co-Chair: Emmanuel Brun, Grenoble
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