What’s next

The group regularly organizes CHEM Zoom Meetings for group members. The next one is scheduled for June (date tbc). Make sure to sign in to the group via the member portal – only then you’ll get the Zoom invite.

Importance & Purpose

The development of novel, efficient imaging agents is the driving motor of molecular imaging. Imaging agents with tailored properties ensure a better understanding of biological/biochemical processes, disease pathogenesis, healing, and treatment response assessment. Together with developing imaging techniques for preclinical and clinical imaging, chemistry ensures the progress of molecular imaging.

The development of imaging agents is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor that requires
(1) diverse chemical expertise spanning different “chemistries,” e.g., organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, and
(2) the exchange with other disciplines within the imaging field, for example with physicists who develop new instruments that will benefit from tailored agents and biomedical researchers who are in-depth experts of biological/medical problems whose solution requires new imaging agents.

The Chemistry study group will become the interactive platform that will link all imaging-related disciplines by strengthening the role of chemistry within the ESMI.


  • Enhance visibility of chemistry within the ESMI and the broader imaging community.
  • Provide a platform to network and collaborate between chemists from different chemical disciplines, for example, to access synthetic and analytic facilities, exchange experiences, and learn from each other.
  • Connect chemists working on imaging and theranostic agents with other imaging-related disciplines, e.g., physics and instrumentation development, to biologists and clinicians. 
  • Ensure multidisciplinary training of young researchers by organizing tailored training sessions and schools.


Do not hesitate to reach out for any questions and suggestions. Contact us via Chemistry-Group@esmi-insight.eu

Founding Members

  • Bert Windhorst, Amsterdam
  • Marc Vendrell Escobar, Edinburgh
  • Wiktor Szymanski, Groningen
  • Graeme Stasiuk, London
  • Verena Pichler, Vienna
  • Andreas Maurer, Tuebingen
  • Andre Martins, Tuebingen
  • Dario Longo, Torino
  • Jordi Llop, San Sebastian
  • Olga Koshkina, Enschede
  • Carsten Höltke, Münster
  • Jason Holland, Zurich
  • Matthias Herth, Copenhagen
  • Fernando Herranz, Madrid
  • Raúl Herance, Barcelona
  • Vanessa Gomez-Vallejo, San Sebastian
  • Peter Gawne, London
  • Giuseppe Ferrauto, Torino
  • Kristina Djanashvili, Delft
  • Greg Bowden, Tuebingen
  • Srinivas Banala, Aachen

Group Leadership

  • Chair: Olga Koshkina, Enschede
  • Co-Chairs: Kristina Djanashvili, Delft & Andreas Maurer, Tübingen
  • Social Media Manager: Catherine Dickmann, Cambridge
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