Importance & Purpose

Non-invasive in vivo imaging plays a pivotal role in the characterization of cardiovascular diseases in small animal models and in the evaluation of the efficacy of new treatments. Echography and MRI allow for precise analysis of the morphology and the function of the heart and the precise characterization of the structure of the vessel wall. Molecular imaging using radioactive or optical probes offers to identify with high sensitivity biological processes taking place inside cardiovascular tissues. Each of this imaging technique provides complementary information on cardiovascular diseases and is subjected to similar constraints in relation to cardiac and respiratory motion.

The aim of this study group will be to tighten interactions between the research groups working on each imaging modality and stimulate the development of multi-modality imaging projects in the cardiovascular field.

  • To foster new and integrated approaches in pre-clinical cardiovascular imaging.
  • To disseminate the applications of imaging to basic researchers working in cardiovascular research and to support clinical translation of new technologies.
  • To support cooperative strategies in cardiovascular imaging and develop dedicated networks.
  • To organize state-of-the-art sessions either at ESMI meetings but also at relevant other meetings
  • To identify current educational workshops and identify the demand for organizing hands-on workshops

Group Review Article

Current and Emerging Preclinical Approaches for Imaging-based Characterization of Atherosclerosis
Vigne, J., Thackeray, J., Essers, J., Makowski, M., Varasteh, Z., Baleanu-Curaj, A., Karlas, A., Canet-Soulas, E., Mulder, W., Kießling, F., Schäfers, M., Botnar, R., Wildgruber, M., Hyafil, F.

Founding Members
  • René Botnar, London
  • Emmanuelle Canet-Soulas, Lyon
  • Jeroen Essers, Rotterdam
  • Fabien Hyafil, Paris
  • Marcus Makowski, Berlin
  • Willem Mulder, Eindhoven
  • Alkystis Phinikaridou, London
  • Jeanine Prompers, Utrecht
  • Christoph Rischpler, Munich
  • Antti Sarraste, Turku
  • Michaee Schäfers, Münster
  • James Thackeray, Hannover
  • Moritz Wildgruber, Munich

Group Leadership

  • Chair: Daniel Stuckey, London
  • Co-Chair: Alkystis Phinikaridou, London
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