Tribute to Robert (Bob) Gillies

The European Society for Molecular Imaging pays tribute to Robert (Bob) Gillies, who sadly passed away on the 7th June.  Bob, a leader in the field of molecular imaging, was distinguished for his studies of tumour microenvironment and the development of radiomics. 

He was a kind and generous man, an inspiring mentor and educator, and a highly respected colleague and a dear friend. So many wonderful, precious moments – scientific and personal – will always be remembered. Thank you, Bob!

We mourn his passing.

Our condolences and deepest sympathies go to Bob’s wife and family.

Council Elections 2022 are over!

THANKS for a very solid voter turnout of 55,7%. It was a tough and very close race – really every vote counted!

It is with great pleasure to welcome the below listed team as elected member of the society’s Council – CONGRATULATIONS!

Together with the Executive Committee, the elected Council members form the society’s Governing Board. The Board directs and monitors the activities of the ESMI and determines its future direction.

ESMI Council 2022-2024
  • Amnon Bar-Shir – Rehovot, Israel
  • Jolanda de Vries – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Nick Devoogdt – Brussels, Belgium
  • Cornelius Faber – Münster, Germany
  • Jan Grimm – New York, USA
  • Uwe Himmelreich – Leuven, Belgium
  • Twan Lammers – Aachen, Germany
  • Dario Longo – Torino, Italy
  • André Martins – Tübingen, Germany
  • Laura Mezzanotte – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Vasilis Ntziachristos – Munich, Germany
  • Daniel Razansky – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Roger Schibli – Villingen/Zurich, Switzerland
  • Margret Schottelius – Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Mickael Tanter – Paris, France
  • Adriana Tavares – Edinburgh, UK
  • Nadja van Camp – Paris, France
  • Greetje Vande Velde – Leuven, Belgium
  • Chris Vanhove – Ghent, Belgium
  • Wolfgang Weber – Munich, Germany
  • Bettina Weigelin – Tübingen, Germany
  • Marlene Wiart – Lyon, France
  • Tim Witney – London, UK

A word on gender balance: the number of applications from women was significantly lower than that of male applicants, which is reflected in the final list of elected Council members.