The ESMI | founded in 2005

The initial aims of creating a multidisciplinary, collaborative European MI society back in 2005 were

  • to ensure sustainability of achievements and co-operations resulting from the first large European molecular imaging research projects namely “Diagnostic Molecular Imaging DiMI” and “European Molecular Imaging Laboratories EMIL” and
  • to create one strong, science-driven, multidisciplinary community advocating imaging science throughout Europe and beyond.

The coordinators of the two EU-funded research projects (Andreas Jacobs – DiMI, Bertrand Tavitian – EMIL) and the project partners were the founding fathers an driving forces of the ESMI. Bertrand and Andreas became first and second ESMI President.

In 2010 the EC-funded project periods of both networks ended and the ESMI established an independent structure.

ESMI Founding Members 

  • Silvio Aime – Torino Italy
  • Frank Bengel – Hannover Germany
  • Harald Carlsen – Oslo Norway
  • John Clark – Edinburgh United Kingdom
  • Silvana Delvecchio – Napels Italy
  • Denis Guilloteau – Tours France
  • Arend Heerschap – Nijmegen Netherlands
  • Mathias Hoehn – Cologne Germany
  • Andreas Jacobs – Bonn Germany
  • Clemens Lowik – Rotterdam Netherlands
  • Helmut Maecke – Freiburg Germany
  • Adriana Maggi – Milan Italy
  • Chrit Moonen – Utrecht Netherlands
  • Robert Muller Mons-Hainaut Belgium
  • David Parker – Durham United Kingdom
  • Anna Planas – Barcelona Spain
  • Frank Roesch – Mainz Germany
  • Bertrand Tavitian – Paris France
  • Go van Dam – Groningen Netherlands
  • Annemie van der Linden – Antwerp Belgium