The ESMI | founded in 2005

The initial aims of creating an interdisciplinary scientific European MI society back in 2005 were to ensure sustainability of achievements and co-operations resulting from the first large European molecular imaging research projects namely “Diagnostic Molecular Imaging¬†DiMI” and “European Molecular Imaging Laboratories¬†EMIL” and to create one strong, science-driven, multidisciplinary community advocating imaging science throughout Europe and beyond.

The coordinators of the two EU-funded research projects (Andreas Jacobs – DiMI, Bertrand Tavitian – EMIL) and the project partners were the driving forces of the ESMI. Bertrand and Andreas became first and second ESMI President.

In 2010 the funded project periods of both networks ended and the ESMI established an independent structure.

ESMI Founding Members 

  • Silvio Aime – Torino Italy
  • Frank Bengel – Hannover Germany
  • Harald Carlsen – Oslo Norway
  • John Clark – Edinburgh United Kingdom
  • Silvana Delvecchio – Napels Italy
  • Denis Guilloteau – Tours France
  • Arend Heerschap – Nijmegen Netherlands
  • Mathias Hoehn – Cologne Germany
  • Andreas Jacobs – Bonn Germany
  • Clemens Lowik – Rotterdam Netherlands
  • Helmut Maecke – Freiburg Germany
  • Adriana Maggi – Milan Italy
  • Chrit Moonen – Utrecht Netherlands
  • Robert Muller Mons-Hainaut Belgium
  • David Parker – Durham United Kingdom
  • Anna Planas – Barcelona Spain
  • Frank Roesch – Mainz Germany
  • Bertrand Tavitian – Paris France
  • Go van Dam – Groningen Netherlands
  • Annemie van der Linden – Antwerp Belgium