It was a rocky road to get there, but seeing you all so excited, happy and grateful was worth all the effort.

Still under the conditions of the pandemic and under the impression of the military invasion in Ukraine, you have made this EMIM a flagship for friendship, peace and scientific exchange! The exclusive in-person EMIM 2022 took place from 15-18 March in beautiful and vibrant Thessaloniki, Greece.

After the pandemic-caused cancellation of the EMIM 2020 in Thessaloniki, we were so very happy to be finally back. Thanks for joining this adventure, for your trust, dedication, and patience, for all your efforts to come to Thessaloniki. It has been another challenge and experience for the society and certainly shows the particular dedication of the community.

Photos, Abstracts, Awardees

Programme at a glance

Plenary Lectures

    Total-Body PET: A new tool for systems medicine
    From variational modelling to deep learning for biomedical imaging
    Holographic manipulation of neuronal circuits
  • AXEL MONTAGNE, Edinburgh 
    Prediction of cognitive decline using contrast MRI
  • RALPH WEISSLEDER, Boston (ESMI Award 2022)
    Imaging Beyond Current Possibilities
  • FLORIS VOSKUIL, Groningen (ESMI PhD Award 2021)
    Clinical application of near infrared fluorescence imaging in solid cancers -Improving surgical accuracy by lighting up tumors
  • + four YIA finalists – see right hand side

Parallel Sessions & Titles

24 Parallel Sessions were filled with your abstract submissions, each one started with an introductory lecture giving an update on the state-of-the-art research in that field – a particular thanks to all INTRODUCTORY SPEAKERS!

IDSession Title
PS 01Understanding Tumour Biology 
PS 02Micro- and Macroscopic Optical Imaging Technologies
PS 03Mechanisms of Remodeling in Cardiac/Pulmonary Diseases
PS 04Imaging Metabolism
PS 05Image-guided Therapy | Preclinical
PS 06New Methods & Cross Modal Neuroimaging
PS 07Imaging of Infections & Immune Responses 
PS 08Radiomics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
PS 09Theranostics &Therapy Monitoring
PS 10Ultrasound & Optoacoustic Technologies 
PS 11PET/SPECT & X-Ray Probes
PS 12Tissue Characterization by different Imaging Strategies | late-breaking
PS 13New Tools for Cancer Imaging 
PS 14Functional Neuroimaging
PS 15Systems Biology of Cardiac/Pulmonary Diseases
PS 16MRI, Optoacoustic, US & Multimodal Probes
PS 17Functional Brain Imaging | late-breaking
PS 18Optical Probes
PS 19X-Ray based Technologies
PS 20Image Processing, Segmentation & Quantification
PS 21Immuno-Oncology 
PS 22Translational Image-Guided Surgery 
PS 23MRI & Hyperpolarization Technologies
PS 24Anatomical, Microstructural & Metabolic Neuroimaging 
Parallel Sessions filled with original work

++ EMIM 2022 Programme ++

Educational Sessions

  • ES 01 | Synthesis of Probes per Modality
    by Mónica Carril, Bilbao & Jason Holland, Zurich
  • ES 02 | Optics & Ultrasound Technologies
    by Mickael Tanter, Paris & Daniel Razansky, Zurich
  • ES 03 | Standardization in small animal Imaging
    by Adriana Tavares, Edinburgh & Geoff Warnock, Zurich
  • ES 04 | Cardiovascular Imaging
    by Jessica Bastiaansen, Lausanne & Daniel Stuckey, London

Study Group Sessions

  • X-ray/Lung Imaging Study Group
  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Oncoimmunology & Therapy
  • Standardization of Small Animal Imaging
  • Molecular Neuro-Imaging
  • Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance
  • Image-Guided Drug Delivery
  • Intra-Operative Imaging

Learn more about the ESMI Study Groups

EMIM 2022 Poster Sessions

Two Poster Sessions were scheduled with no competitive sessions in parallel. In 21 thematic poster walks, 218 posters were presented. Each of the poster walks was chaired by two chair persons and resulted into an EMIM 2022 poster award.

Thanks for your participation & support!

EMIM 2022 in Numbers
  • 610 Participants
  • 253 Talks
  • 106 Session Chairs
  • 218 Poster Presentations
  • 21 Thematic Poster Walks 
  • 42 Poster Chairs
  • 10 Plenary Lectures
  • 8 Study Group Meetings
  • 4 Focus Sessions
  • 24 Exhibitors
  • 478 Reviewers
  • 5512 single scores
  • 425 Abstracts, each reviewed by an average of 12.97 reviewers
  • (…)
young investigator award 2022
YIA Finalists 2022 & Jordi Llop (Chair YIA Committee)
The YIA 2022 was presented to: 

TianDuo Wang from London, Canada for his work on “Visualizing cell-cell communication using synthetic notch activated magnetic resonance imaging”

The further YIA finalists:

Oscar Demeulenaere from Paris, France on “3D Ultrasound Localization Microscopy in vivo imaging of the rat coronary microvasculature”

Sophie Stotz from Tübingen, Germany on “A Covalent 18F-labeled Radiotracer for Reporter Gene Imaging of Viral Gene Transfer in the Brain”

Weiye Li from Zurich, Switzerland on “Tracking Strain-Specific Murine Skull Bone and Vessel Development with Large-Scale Ultrasound and Optoacoustic Microscopy”

CONGRATS to all four of you not only for presenting your your excellent work but also for the joy you brought and the nice interaction!

See YIA abstracts online

The YIA 2022 was kindly supported by BRACCO Imaging spa!

ESMI PhD Award

The ESMI Award for excellent PhD thesis was presented to Floris Voskuil from Groningen for his work on “Clinical application of near infrared fluorescence imaging in solid cancers -Improving surgical accuracy by lighting up tumors”.