We did it – like really did it! The exclusive in-person EMIM 2021 took place from 24-27 August in the amazing industrial Lokhalle in Göttingen. It was a tough journey to get there but seeing all of you so excited, happy, and grateful was worth all efforts!

What else to say rather than a big THANK YOU: thanks for joining this adventure, for your trust, dedication, and patience, for all your efforts to come to Göttingen – even taking the final hurdle of the railway union strike. It has been a new challenge and experience for the society and certainly shows the particular dedication of the community.

For all of you who were not allowed or able to join – the next EMIM in 2022 is just six months away…

Photos, Abstracts, Awardees

Programme at a glance

Plenary Lectures

  • Stefan W. Hell – Göttingen, Germany
    MINFLUX Nanoscopy and related Matters
  • Noam Shemesh – Lisbon, Portugal
    Evidence for neuromorphological coupling in rapid-onset ultrafast diffusion MRI signals
  • Jolanda de Vries – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Visualizing Immune Responses in Cancer Patients
  • Fabienne Perren – Geneva, Switzerland & Charlie Demene – Paris, France 
    The future of clinical ultrasound brain imaging: reaching new scales in the mapping of the neural and cerebrovascular circuits
  • Silvio Aime – Torino, Italy (ESMI Award)
    Routes to enhanced Sensitivities in Molecular Imaging MR-based Agents
  • Markus Seeger – Boston, USA (ESMI PhD Award)
    Hybrid microscopy: A novel microscope integrating advanced optical and optoacoustic modalities for multi-modal examinations of biological specimens

Parellel Sessions

24 Parallel Sessions were filled with your abstract submissions, each one started with an introductory lecture giving an update on the state-of-the-art research in that field – a particular THANKS to all INTRODUCTORY SPEAKERS!

Wednesday 25 August 2021
PS 01  Understanding Tumour Biology
PS 02  Macroscale Technologies
PS 03  Lung Imaging
PS 04  Optoacoustic & Multimodal Probe Development
PS 05  Imaging to Diagnose Cancer
PS 06  New Methods & Methodology in Neuroimaging
PS 07  Immunology & Infection
PS 08  Cardiovascular Imaging
PS 09  Ultrasound & Optoacoustic Technologies
PS 10  MRI & PET Probe Development
PS 11  Image-Guided Therapy : Pre-Clinical
PS 12 Tissue Oxygenation & Cellular Viability
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Thursday 26 August 2021
PS 13 Image-Guided Therapy: Clinical
PS 14Microscale Technologies
PS 15Image Processing & Quantification
PS 16New Tracers & Technologies in Cancer Imaging
PS 17Optical Probe Development
PS 18Structural & Functional Neuroimaging
PS 19Imaging Metabolism
PS 20Imaging Technologies | from Cells to Organs
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Friday 27 AuGust 2021
PS 21 Therapy Monitoring
PS 22Immune-Oncology Imaging
PS 23Disease Models in Neuroimaging
PS 24MRI Technology
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Educational Sessions

ES 01 Intro | The Basics of Immuno-Oncology
Chairs: Sandra Heskamp & Tim Witney

ES 01 | Viruses & Cancer – Friends or Foe?
Chairs: Erik Aarntzen, Gilbert Fruhwirt, Marleen Keyaerts

ES 02 | Imaging Probes based on…    
Chairs: Danielle Vugts & Verena Pichler

ES 03 | Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chairs: René Botnar & Franz Schilling

ES 04 | Artificial-Intelligence-based Image Understanding & Radiomics
Chairs: Peter Horvath & Ronald Boellaard

Study Group Sessions

  • KICK-OFF: Joint X-ray/Lung Imaging Study Group
  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Oncoimmunology & Therapy
  • Standardization of Small Animal Imaging
  • Molecular Neuro-Imaging
  • Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance
  • Image-Guided Drug Delivery
  • Imaging Mass Spectrometry

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EMIM 2021 Poster Sessions

Two Poster Sessions were scheduled with no competitive sessions in parallel. In 28 thematic poster walks, 260 posters were presented. Each of the poster walks was chaired by two chair persons and resulted into an EMIM 2021 poster award.

Thanks for your participation & support!

  • 604 Participants
  • 226 Talks
  • 116 Session Chairs
  • 268 Poster Presentations
  • 28 Thematic Poster Walks 
  • 56 Poster Chairs
  • 9 Plenary Lectures
  • 8 Study Group Meetings
  • 3 Focus Sessions
  • 518 Reviewers
  • 5598 single scores
  • 434 Abstracts, each reviewed by an average of 12.9 reviewers
  • (…)
young investigator award 2021
The YIA 2021 was presented to: 

DANIELE BERTOGLIO from Antwerp, Belgium for his work on “Longitudinal evaluation of the first mutant Huntingtin PET radioligand as a marker for mHTT lowering therapies for Huntington’s Disease”

The further YIA finalists:

PASCAL WODTKE from Munich, Germany on “Hyperpolarized 13C-labelled Z-OMPD enables in vivo pH imaging”

DEVA NISHANTH TIRUKOTI from Rehovot, Israel on “In-vivo MRI mapping of labile Zn2+ in the brain based on fast ion-chelate exchange dynamics”

CONGRATS to all three of you not only for your excellent work and presentations but also for the joy you brought and the tremendously nice interaction!

See YIA abstracts online

ESMI PhD Award
Markus Seeger

The ESMI Award for excellent PhD thesis was presented to MARKUS SEEGER from Boston (formerly Munich) for his work on “Hybrid microscopy: A novel microscope integrating advanced optical and optoacoustic modalities for multi-modal examinations of biological specimens”.