The recordings of the EMIM 2019 PLENARY LECTURES are now available for all ESMI members! 
Just log-in into your ESMI Member Portal > select tab “Media” > start the recording of your choice – listen, learn, and enjoy! You may want to use the one or the other recording for teaching purposes, view a lecture during lunch break or a team meeting… in any case, we hope you like it!

Plenary Lectures

Cryo-Electron Tomography – The Promise and Challenges of Doing Structural Biology in situ 

Wolfgang Baumeister – Mannheim, Germany

Using image based masspec to interrogate cancer metabolism 

Owen Sansom – Glasgow, UK

World’s Deepest-Penetration and Fastest Optical Cameras: Photoacoustic Tomography and Compressed Ultrafast Photography

Lihong Wang – Passadena, USA

Imaging Immune Responses – A Fresh Look using ImmunoPET 

Anna Wu – Duarte/LA, USA

A clinical perspective for successful application of new technologies 

Rebecca Fitzgerald – Cambridge, UK

Molecular imaging in humans; where are we and where are we going? 

Jason Lewis – New York, USA 

ESMI Award Winner

Imaging – Structure, Function, Molecular Interactions

Markus Rudin – Zurich, Switzerland 

Best thesis Award

Carbon-11 Labeled Amino Acids and Peptides: Chemistry and Applications

Aleksandra Pekosak – Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Young Investigator Award Winner

Not available yet due to unpublished data: Non-invasive Translational Molecular Imaging in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Adrian P. Regensburger – Erlangen, Germany 

Young Investigator Award Finalists

Precision brain tumor theranostics using [123I]I-PARPi, an Auger radiation emitter

Giacomo Pirovano – New York, USA

Not available yet due to unpublished data: Image guided surgery for generic tumor detection in solid tumors using the PH activated micelle-based imaging agent ONM-100

Floris J Voskuil – Groningen, The Netherlands