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THANKS for your participation, for sharing your excellent science, the open-minded discussions at and around the EMIM 2019! It was simply a pleasure meeting you in Glasgow.
The EMIM 2019 was the 14th annual meeting of the ESMI.

RECORDINGS of PLENARY LECTURES now available via the member portal

EMIM 2019 online PROGRAMME incl. abstracts

 Many EMIM photos are available at the fb page (open access!)

Plenary Lectures

From Cell to Human Body…

  • Wolfgang Baumeister, Martinsried – Germany 
    Cryo-Electron Tomography -The Promise and Challenges of Doing Structural Biology in situ
  • Owen Sansom, Glasgow – UK Using image based masspec to interrogate cancer metabolism
  • Anna Wu, Duarte/LA – USA 
    Imaging Immune Responses – A Fresh Look using ImmunoPET 
  • Lihong Wang, Pasadena, USA World’s Deepest-Penetration and Fastest Optical Cameras: Photoacoustic Tomography and Compressed Ultrafast Photography
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald, Cambridge – UK 
    A clinical perspective for successful application of new technologies
  • Jason S. Lewis, New York – USA 
    Molecular imaging in humans; where are we and where are we going?

24 Parallel Session

PS 01Nuclear Imaging in Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer
PS 02MRI Probes – 19F, Iron Oxide & CEST
PS 03Optical & Microscopy Technologies
PS 04Late-Breaking Pitches in Onco(-Immunology) & Neuroimaging
PS 05PET, CT & Multimodal Technologies
PS 06New Methods in Neuroimaging
PS 07Imaging in Infections
PS 08Imaging the Vasculature and the Heart
PS 09Intra-Operative Imaging
PS 10SPECT Probes – New Approaches & Applications
PS 11Imaging Metabolism
PS 12Data Processing & Quantification
PS 13MRI & MRS Technologies
PS 14Novel Optical, Acoustic & Optoacoustic Probes – from Imaging to Therapy
PS 15Imaging Immune Responses
PS 16New Tools for Cancer Imaging
PS 17PET Probes – Novel Radiotracers & Applications
PS 18MRI & Optical Imaging in Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer
PS 20Neuroimaging: Disease Models & Translational Approaches
PS 21Understanding Tumour Biology
PS 22MRI Probes for Biomarker Imaging
PS 23Brain: Structure, Function, Networks
PS 24Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustic Technologies

Educational Programme

Two educational Spotlight Symposia were scheduled for 19 March from 11.00h to 17.00h:

  • Symposium 1 “Mass Spectrometry”
  • Symposium 2 “Optoacoustic Imaging”

Plus four Educational Sessions scheduled at 19 March 2019 from 13.30h to 17.00h: 

  • Onco-Immunology
  • X-ray Imaging
  • Intravital Microscopy
  • Intra-Operative Imaging

EMIM 2019 online PROGRAMME incl. abstracts

EMIM 2019 Poster Awards

30 thematic poster walks were scheduled with no competing sessions in parallel. Each of the poster walks was chaired by two chair persons and resulted into an EMIM 2019 poster award. 

PW01    Imaging Host Responses

19F MRI of neutrophil granulocytes by targeting the cell surface receptor CD177 by Sebastian Temme – Düsseldorf, Germany

PW02    Synthesis and Enabling Technologies | New Probes

s-tetrazine: a “clickable” platform for the site-specific dual-labeling of proteins by Victor Goncalves – Dijon, France

PW03    PET/SPECT, Radionuclide, X-ray, CT | New Probes

The synthesis and validation of a multimodal PET/fluorescence zinc sensing probes as potential imaging agents for prostate cancer by George Firth – Hull, UK

PW04    MRI | Technology

An Extracorporeal Circulation Mouse Model for Simultaneous Measurements of DCE-MRI Arterial Input Functions and Radiotracer Blood Concentrations by Philipp Backhaus – Münster, Germany

PW05    Ultrasound and Opto-Acoustic | Technology

Photoacoustic blood oxygenation measurements combined with online pO2 detection and flow spectrometry by Joanna Brunker – Cambridge, UK

PW06    Imaging Cancer Therapy

Theranostic innovative nano-compounds for fluorescent imaging and boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) by Lucie Sancey – La Tronche, France

PW07    Onco-Immunology Imaging

Fixed and live imaging of neutrophils in the lung pre-metastatic niche by Amanda McFarlane – Glasgow, UK

PW08    Disease Models, Translational Approaches | Neuroimaging

Erythropoietin receptors can be targeted in human and rat stroke tissue using [89Zr] Deferoxamine-EPO by Kristin Patzwaldt – Tübingen, Germany

Above mentioned posters were presenter within Poster Session 1

PW09    Imaging the Heart and the Vascular System

Manganese enhanced MRI can quantify myocardial infarct size earlier than gadolinium enhanced MRI by Daniel Stuckey – London, UK

PW10    Data Processing & Quantification

Dispersion Correction for Sampled Blood Input function in Rats by Herve Boutin – Manchester , UK

PW11    Imaging Metabolism

Towards Fast Deuterium Metabolic Imaging by Felix Kreis – Cambridge, UK

PW12    MRI and Multimodal | New Probes

Monitoring cell proliferation by exploiting CEST-MRI methods by Giuseppe Ferrauto – Torino, Italy

PW13    PET/SPECT, Radionuclide, X-ray, CT | New Probes

Development of 68Ga and 18F radiolabelled peptide probes for PET imaging of αvβ6 integrin expression in cancers and fibrotic diseases by George Herbert – Hull, UK

PW14    Nuclear Imaging | Technology

Monte Carlo simulation of a Total Body PET scanner based on the PENN PET by Nikos Efthimiou – Hull, UK

PW15    X-Ray based Imaging | Technology

Automatic quality control and recalibration for micro-CT without user intervention by Bert Vandeghinste – Ghent, Belgium

PW16    Mass Spectrometry | Technology

Multimodal mass spectrometry imaging for assessment of response and resistance to Oncology combination therapies by Stephanie Ling – Cambridge, UK

PW17    Understanding Tumour Biology

The accumulation of tumor-derived exosomes changes the immune cell composition in target tissue of metastasis by Moritz Wildgruber – Münster, Germany

PW18    Imaging to Diagnose Cancer

Micro-Computed Tomography of a murine non-alcoholic fatty liver disease model with liver-specific knockout of the mTOR pathway by Diana Möckel – Aachen, Germany

PW19    Brain: Structure, Function, Networks

Longitudinal in vivo MRI assessment of functional connectivity reveals early pathological hypersynchronisation of brain networks in the inducible Tet-off APP mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease by Inès  Ben-Nejma – Wilrijk, Belgium

EMIM 2019 in Glasgow, UK
  • 750 Participants from
  • 31 Countries
  • 327 Reviewer
  • 468 Abstracts
  • each reviewed by an average of 7.6 reviewers
  • 292 Talks
  • 11 Plenary Lectures
  • 168 Session Chairs
  • 9 Study Group meetings
  • 3 Meet the Expert sessions
  • 4 Focus Sessions
  • 290 Posters presented in 
  • 30 Thematic Poster Walks
  • 60 poster chairs (…)
Thanks for your participation & contribution!