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overview of Session Types

See details on sessions below

  • + new + Certified 3R Symposium (6 CPD)
  • 30 Parallel Sessions (PS) &
  • 2 Poster Sessions (PO) sessions – both filled with your submissions
  • Plenary Lectures (PL) by outstanding leaders and award winners
  • Educational Session (ES) – for juniors and seniors
  • Informal, interactive Study Group Meetings (SG)
  • young ESMI events: Scientific Speed Dating & Think Tank Sessions
  • Focus Sessions (FS)
  • Endless Networking opportunities including study group bar hopping, opening reception, get-together (…) – make sure to sign-in during registration
Programme at a Glance

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Details per Session

(certified) Training & Education Sessions

Certified 3R Symposium

(Tuesday 09.00h-15.00h)

6 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) are certified upon full completion (09.00h to 15.00h) and in accordance with Directive 2010/63/EU. The 3R Symposium serves the increasing need for continuous, certified education and training on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

However, this course is not only relevant for scientists who need certified continuous education, but certainly for everyone who is concerned with this topic. The symposium will address the following topics:

  • Animal Welfare, Assessment & 3R
  • Influence of Imaging on Animal Welfare
  • Replacement Methods
  • Study Planning & Statistics
  • Does the Goal justify the Method?

Educational Sessions (ES)

(Tuesday 11.30h-15.00h)

  • ES 01 | Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics – Fundamentals and Design Principles
  • ES 02 | Clinical Trials – Design & Best Practice
  • ES 03 | MRI Pulse Sequences – Principles, Misconceptions & Applications
  • ES 04 | X-Ray/CT – Basics & Developments
Plenary & Focus Sessions

Plenary Lectures (PL)

  • ELISABETH de VRIES, Groningen – The Netherlands (ESMI Award Winner 2024)
  • STEPHEN BADYLAK, Pittsburgh – USA
  • KULLERVO HYNYNEN, Toronto – Canada
  • JOSEPH MORAN, Strasbourg – France

What a line-up of plenary speakers – learn more about them and enjoy the excitement.

Focus Sessions (FS)

(Thursday 12.00h-13.30h)

Four FS are organized on Thursday 14 March:

  • Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
  • RNA Therapeutics (in collaboration with the Controlled Release Society)
  • Focused Ultrasound for Brain Applications (in collaboration with Focused Ultrasound Foundation)
  • Cell Tracking
  • Advanced Algorithms
Sessions filled with Abstracts / original Work

Parallel Sessions (PS)

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

30 PS are filled with original, unpublished research. Each PS starts with an introductory lecture providing an overview of the state-of-the-art developments in that field followed by six shorter talks selected from abstract submissions.

Poster Sessions (PO)

(Wednesday & Friday)

Two extended poster sessions are scheduled with no competitive sessions in parallel to enhance discussion and exchange. Posters are grouped in thematic walks, each poster is evaluated by two experts. One poster award per thematic walk is presented during the Closing Session.

Study Group & young ESMI Sessions / Events

Study Group Meetings/Sessions (SG)

(Tuesday 17.15h-20.15h)

10 thematic Study Groups are organizing their interactive, viable group sessions. To continue discussion these sessions are followed by a thematic bar hopping – do not miss to join and read more about Study Groups here.

young ESMI events

(Tuesday 09.00h-11.00h)

Do not miss out the best start into an EMIM: participate in the traditional Science-Speed-Dating by young ESMI! Followed by the Think Tank Sessions – 45 minutes of interactive exchange and discussion on specific topics with high relevance for early-career researchers.

Project Sessions

Project (PRO) & Infrastructure (INFRA) Sessions

(Tuesday 15.15h-16.45h)

The ESMI arose from two large collaborative research projects. These roots are still reflected in the spirit of cooperation, but also in this Project Session track. Each session is organized by a multinational research consortium. An open call in that regards was launched in August 2023. The following projects and infrastructural collaborations will be represented in Porto:

PRO 01-05 (Tuesday)
  • Real Time Molecular Imager with Unsurpassed Resolution (by RETIMAGER)
  • Multimodal imaging for the detection and characterization of resistant breast cancer (by REAP)
  • Quantification of amyloid PET for clinical use (by AMYPAD)
  • Next-generation in-vivo fluorescence imaging (by CoDaFlight)
INFRA 01-03 (Thursday)
  • New Horizons in Hyperpolarized 13C MRI (by QuE-MRT & HYPERBOLIC)
  • Clinical translation of photoacoustic imaging (by IPASC)
  • Improving MRI quality without overly restrictive standardization (by AMIRE)
Basic Timeline
  • 10 Oct. 2023 | Opening Abstract Submission
  • 21 Nov. 2023 | Deadline Abstract Submission
  • 4 Jan. 2024 | Notification to Presenters
  • 17 Jan. 2024 | Early Bird Registration Deadline