Theranostics article is out!

“Theranostics a sure Cure for Cancer after 100 Years?”

This article is supported by the ESMI. A dedicated symposium was held at the 18th European Molecular Imaging Meeting in Salzburg where the authors met and the idea for this review article was inspired. Check it out:

Song, Y.; Zou, J.; Castellanos, E.A.; Matsuura, N.; Ronald, J.A.; Shuhendler, A.; Weber, W.A.; Gilad, A.A.; Müller, C.; Witney, T.H.; Chen, X. Theranostics – a sure cure for cancer after 100 years?. Theranostics 2024, 14 (6), 2464-2488. DOI: 10.7150/thno.96675.


Cancer has remained a formidable challenge in medicine and has claimed an enormous number of lives worldwide. Theranostics, combining diagnostic methods with personalized therapeutic approaches, shows huge potential to advance the battle against cancer. This review aims to provide an overview of theranostics in oncology: exploring its history, current advances, challenges, and prospects.
We present the fundamental evolution of theranostics from radiotherapeutics, cellular therapeutics, and nanotherapeutics, showcasing critical milestones in the last decade. From the early concept of targeted drug delivery to the emergence of personalized medicine, theranostics has benefited from advances in imaging technologies, molecular biology, and nanomedicine.
Furthermore, we emphasize pertinent illustrations showcasing that revolutionary strategies in cancer management enhance diagnostic accuracy and provide targeted therapies customized for individual patients, thereby facilitating the implementation of personalized medicine.
Finally, we describe future perspectives on current challenges, emerging topics, and advances in the field.