THANKS for an inspiring, open-minded and fruitful week in the French Alps dedicated to IMAGING IMMUNITY!

14th ESMI Winter Conference “hot TOPIics in IMaging – TOPIM 2020”
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Date: 12-17 January 2020

Venue: Ecole de Physique des Houches
149 Chemin de La Côte 74310 Les Houches, France


IMAGING IMMUNITY from Nanoscale to Macroscale

TOPIM 2020 crosslinked theoretical and applied physics of immunity with emerging in vivo imaging techniques of the insult, the damage, the response, and the memory of immunity, and has the ambition to propose new ideas to be further tested experimentally in live systems.

Immunity means inviolability from an attack and has the same sense in Medicine and in Physics, whether the attacking party is a noise, a vibration, electromagnetism, a virus, a bacteria, a proliferating cell, (…)

In each case, immunity results from the concerted macroscopic response of the system under attack, a specific response based on the elementary properties of the system’s parts and on their local interactions. Immunity is a time-dependent process encompassing learning and memory, which are dynamic events; it is also a space-dependent process since local immune interactions take place in a system which is by nature far from equilibrium.

Efficient biological immunity requires very high numbers of cells (a human body contains ca. 1012 lymphocytes), and a huge diversity of cellular and molecular factors interacting harmoniously. Although our knowledge of the diverse elements of the immune system increases steadily, and in spite of the recent success of new therapies targeting the immune system against life-threatening diseases, we lack theoretical understanding of the complexity of the immune network. One favored approach would be to adapt the quantitative toolbox by which statistical physics has developed semi-quantitative laws predicting phase-transitions in complex systems, to the mechanics of immune reactions. 

Award Winners 2020


Jessica Bridoux, Brussels for her work on “Human PD-L1 Nanobody For Immuno-PET Imaging: Strategies for Site-specific Radiolabeling


Elena Menietti, Basel for her work on “In vivo live imaging of human T/B cell lymphoma cross-linking mediated by bispecific CD20-TCB antibody

Philipp Backhaus, Münster for his work on “Towards precise PET and MRI arterial input functions through a novel extracorporeal circulation approach in mice


Philipp  Backhaus, Münster & Kim Cortenbach, Nijmegen & Siyuan Deng, Camerino & Gemma Dias, Oxford & Aylina Glasenapp, Hannover & Stefania Pezzana, Tübingen & Dimitri Stowbur, Tübingen supervised by Laura Mezzanotte and Bertrand Tavitian

TOPIM 2020
TOPIM 2020 group photo
  • Andrea Ablasser – Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Philippe Bousso – Paris, France
  • Alessandra Cambi – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Guillaume Dumenil – Paris, France
  • Pierre Golstein – Marseille, France
  • Clémence Granier – Paris, France
  • Angela Krackhardt – Munich, Germany
  • Diane Lidke – Albuquerque, USA
  • Dario Neri – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Vladimir Ponomarev – New York, US
  • Patrick Schlegl – Tubingen, Germany
  • Juliane Walz – Tübingen, Germany

– selected from abstract submissions

  • Aylina Glasenapp, Hannover
  • Chrit Moonen, Utrecht
  • Jessica Bridoux, Brussels
  • Eric Ahrens, La Jolla
  • Carles Arús, Barcelona
  • Bettina Weigelin, Tübingen
  • Marlène Wiart, Lyon
  • Rudolf Werner, Hannover
  • Annika Hess, Hannover
  • Franck Debarbieux, Marseille
  • Gilbert Fruhwirth, London
  • Philipp Knopf, Tübongen
  • Uwe Himmelreich, Leuven
TOPIM 2020 Committee
  • Bertrand Tavitian – Paris CHAIR
  • Michal Neeman – Rehovot CO-CHAIR
  • Vasilis Ntziachristos – Munich CO-CHAIR
  • Jolanda de Vries -Nijmegen
  • Tony Lahoutte – Brussels
  • Bernd Pichler – Tübingen
  • Giannis Zacharakis – Heraklion