THANKS for making the EMIM 2017 a success – thanks for your participation, for your excellent science, the open-minded discussions at and around the EMIM!

EMIM photos are available at the fb page – take a look! (open access)

EMIM 2017 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. abstracts | look inside

Plenary Lectures

  • Michal Schwartz – Rehovot
    Harnessing the Immune System to Combat Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Boudewijn Lelieveldt – Leiden
    Visual analytics for spatial transcriptomics: from single cell to tissue and back
  • Ofer Yizhar – Rehovot
    Optogenetic dissection of prefrontal circuits for cognitive function and social behavior
  • Theodore Alexandrov – Heidelberg
    Metabolite imaging enabled by mass spectrometry and big data analytics
  • ESMI Award Winner 2017: Markus Schwaiger – Munich
    Multimodal Imaging: Dream or Reality
  • PhD award winner 2016: Mark Lobatto – Amsterdam
    Exploration and application of nanomedicine in atherosclerotic disease

Recordings of Plenary & Educational Lectures

The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and will be available for all ESMI members through the member portal  

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Parallel Sessions

Each of the 19 parallel sessions (except of the late-breaking session) started with an overview talk followed by five talks selected from the excellent abstract submissions. 

PS 01Novel Optical and (Opto)Acoustic Probes
PS 02Imaging Technology | MRI and Hyperpolarization
PS 03Neuroinflammation
PS 04Cardiovascular Imaging
PS 05Novel diagnostic and therapeutic imaging strategies in oncology
PS 06late-breaking session 1
PS 07Imaging Infection and Inflammation
PS 08Imaging Technology | CT and Nuclear Imaging
PS 09Imaging the Microenvironment
PS 10Imaging Technology | Optics and Ultrasound
PS 11Imaging Inflammatory Responses with PET and MRI
PS 12Imaging Neuropathologies and Grafted Cells
PS 13Imaging Metabolism
PS 14Novel PET and SPECT Probes
PS 15Imaging Technology | Mass Spectrometry & Microscopy
PS 16Novel MRI and Multimodality Probes
PS 17Visualization of Tumour Growth and Progression
PS 18Methods to Assess Brain Network
PS 19late-breaking session 2

EMIM 2017 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. all abstracts | look inside

EMIM 2017 Educational Sessions

With the selection of the four topics for the educational sessions the category chairs Adriaan Lammertsma and Giannis Zacharakis aimed to provide you with a state-of-the-artupdate on relevant topics and cover emerging themes in the field.

  • RADIOMICS- the Basics organized by Philippe Lambin, Maastricht
  • Basics of Molecular Imaging PROBE DEVELOPMENT organized by Bert Windhorst, Amatsredam
  • Imaging METABOLISM organized by Uwe Himmelreich & Jordi Llop
  • Image RECONSTRUCTION organized by Michael Unser, Lausanne

The educational sessions were meant for juniors and seniors!


  • Cardiology | Frank Bengel – Hannover, Gustav Strijkers – Amsterdam, Johanna Silvola – Turku
  • Imaging Probes, Chemistry & Reporter Genes | Dario Longo – Torino, Stefanie Krämer – Zurich
  • Imaging Technology, Methodology & Software | Paul Lecoq – Geneva, Sarah Bohndiek – Cambridge, Jan B. Hoevener – Freiburg
  • Immunology/Inflammation & Infectious Diseases | Manfred Kneiling – Tübingen, Mangala Srinivas – Nijmegen, Stefan Wiehr, Tübingen
  • Imaging Metabolism | Uwe Himmelreich – Leuven, Jordi Llop, San Sebastián
  • Oncology | Frauke Alves – Göttingen, Ferdia Gallagher – Cambridge
  • Neurology | Cornelius Faber – Münster, Sebastien Couillard-Depres
  • Education | Adriaan Lammertsma – Amsterdam & Giannis Zacharakis – Heraklion/Crete

Science Slam 2017

THANKS to all six participants of the EMIM 2017 Science Slam:

  • Maud Dupuy – Bordeaux, France
  • Lisa Honold – Münster, Germany
  • Lennart Huizing – Lanaken, Belgium
  • Eleni Skourti – London, United Kingdom
  • Marieke Stammes – Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Okan Tezcan – Aachen, Germany
EMIM 2017 in Cologne, Germany

The EMIM 2017 was the 12th annual meeting of the ESMI – thanks to all of you for your participation and dedication for imaging science!