THANKS for a great EMIM – thanks for your participation, for your excellent science, and all the open-minded discussions at and around the EMIM!

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The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and are available for all ESMI members through the member portal (tab Media)!

EMIM 2015 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. ALL abstracts | look inside

18-20 MARCH 2015

Kupferbau Tübingen
Hölderlinstraße 5
72074 Tübingen

Plenary Lectures

  • Nathalie Agar – Boston
    Molecular Imaging using Mass Spectrometry for Image Guided Surgery and Drug Development
  • Jeff Bulte – Baltimore
    MR imaging of inflammation: Can we go beyond the macrophage as primary target? 
  • Simon Cherry – UC Davis
    From whole-body to total-body PET: How to achieve a 40-fold increase in sensitivity and what to do with it
  • Juri Gelovani – Wayne State
    From Molecular-Genetic to Epigenetic Molecular Imaging and Beyond
  • Zaal Kokaia – Lund
    Morphological and electrophysiological imaging of stem cells for stroke therapy
  • Patricia Price – London
    Future Need and Current Challenges for PET in Oncology
  • PhD award winners 2014: 
    Giuseppe Ferrauto
     – Torino
    Development of highly sensitive probes for applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in molecular medicine 
    Pouyan Mohajerani – MunichRobust Methods and Algorithms for Fluorescence Imaging and Tomography

Recordings of Plenary & Educational Lectures

The presentations of the plenary & educational talks have been RECORDED and are available for all ESMI members through the member portal (tab Media)! 

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Parallel Sessions

For the first time 20 parallel sessions have been scheduled to provide you with a broader spectrum of topics and a session of interest at any time. Each parallel session (except the late-breaking sessions I+II) started with an overview talk of about 25 min. followed by five talks selected from the excellent abstract submissions. 

The 20 Parallel Sessions:

  • PS 01 | Novel Probes for Multifaceted MRI 
  • PS 02 | Nuclear Medicine – Technology & Methods 
  • PS 03 | Imaging Tumour Metabolism and Cell Death 
  • PS 04 | Brain Structure and Disease
  • PS 05 | MRI incl. Hyperpolarization – Technology & Methods 
  • PS 06 | late-breaking I 
  • PS 07 | New Concepts and Agents for Multimodality Imaging 
  • PS 08 | Theranostics and image guided surgery in oncology 
  • PS 09 | Infectious Diseases & Cellular Imaging in Inflammation 
  • PS 10 | Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging 
  • PS 11 | Visualization of Tumour and the Microenvironment 
  • PS 12 | Optical imaging, Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy – Technology & Methods 
  • PS 13 | Brain Function 
  • PS 14 | Inflammatory Responses 
  • PS 15 | Applications of Novel Imaging Techniques 
  • PS 16 | Novel Diagnostic Imaging Strategies in Oncology 
  • PS 17 | Novel Nuclear and Optical Imaging Probes 
  • PS 18 | Optoacoustics and Ultrasound – Technology & Methods 
  • PS 19 | late-breaking II 
  • PS 20 | Image-Guided Drug Delivery

EMIM 2015 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. all abstracts | look inside

EMIM 2015 Educational Sessions

4 educational sessions in parallel were scheduled for Wednesday 18 March from 12:30h-15:30h. 

The EMIM 2015 educational sessions and organizers:

1) Imaging, genomics and tumour heterogeneity
organized by Kevin Brindle, Cambridge

2) Multi-modality and Hybrid Imaging Equipment
organized by Sibylle Ziegler, Munich

3) Standardisation: Instrumentation, data analysis, imaging protocols 
organized by Marc Huisman, Amsterdam

4) Biology and Imaging of inflammation and immunology
organizedby Michel Eisenblätter, London/Münster

Contributing partner societies & respective sessions

EMIM 2015 in Tubingen, Germany

The EMIM 2015 was the 10th annual meeting of the ESMI – thanks to all of you for your participation and dedication for imaging science!

  • 595 participants
  • 20 parallel sessions
  • 125 YIA applications
  • 80 session chairs
  • 36 poster chairs
  • 9 Plenary Lectures
  • 4 Focus Sessions
  • 5 Industry Sessions 
  • 260 posters presented in 
  • 18 poster categories/walks
ESMI Award 2015

The ESMI Award 2015 was presented in the scope of the Opening Ceremony in Tubingen. The winner 2015 is Adriaan Lammertsma – congratulations! All ESMI members had been invited to nominate their favourite candidates – thanks to all of you who actively participated.


The Young Investigator Award 2015 was presented to:

Benoit Busser from Villeurbanne for his work on “Elemental imaging by Laser spectrometry: new perspectives for medical applications”

This year a record of altogether 364 abstracts thereof 125 Young Investigator Award applications were submitted. Thereof 50 were shortlisted and their talks evaluated within the respective Parallel Sessions. The evaluation criterias were: the pre-score given by the reviewers, the scientific quality of the talk, innovation of work, quality of presentation, and the ability to answer requests. Within the Closing Ceremony the three best evaluated Young Investigator Award applicants presented their talks.

The further YIA finalists:

  • Larissa Rizzo from Aachen on “Imaging and targeted therapy of breast cancer metastasis using docetaxel-entrapped micelle”
  • Sam Massa from Brussels on “Sortase-mediated site-specific labeling of Nanobodies for use in molecular imaging”
EMIM 2015 Poster Awards

The poster walks were scheduled with no other competing sessions. Each of the poster walks was chaired by two chair persons – 1 senior and 1 junior – and resulted into an EMIM 2015 poster award. The Poster Awards 2015 were presented to the following presenters: 

  • MRI incl. Hyperpolarization – Technology & Methods: Patricia Pais Roldán Tuebingen & Anna Lena Cremer Freiburg
  • Optoacoustics and Ultrasound – Technology & Methods: Steven Ford Neuherberg
  • Nuclear Medicine – Technology & Methods: Christoph ParlTübingen
  • Optical Imaging, Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy – Technology & Methods: Evangelos Liapis Heraklion & Sushmitha Raja Paris
  • Cardiovascular Imaging: Fabien Hyafil Paris
  • Cardiovascular Imaging: Anne Rix Aachen
  • Visualization of tumour and the microenvironment: Kranthi Panth Maastricht
  • Tumour vascularisation and hypoxia: Igor Jacobs Eindhoven
  • Tumour metabolism incl. pH, Apoptosis, and Proliferation: Jennifer Schmitz Tübingen
  • Novel diagnostic and therapeutic imaging strategies in oncology: Monika Majerská Prague & Sarah Poenick Berlin
  • Optical, acoustic and PET imaging probes: Sophie Poty Dijon
  • New concepts for multimodality imaging and reporter probes: Mangala Srinivas Nijmegen
  • Novel concepts and probes for MRI: Delphine Felder-FleschStrasbourg
  • Brain: structure and function & New Methods: Nina Ogrinc Potocnik Maastricht
  • Neurology – Disease model: Franziska Stöber Magdeburg
  • Infectious Diseases: Greetje Vande Velde Leuven
  • Immunology/Inflammation: Lisa Honold Münster
  • Nanoprobes and nanodiagnostics: Jonathan Martinelli Delft
  • Image-guided Drug Delivery: Miriam Filippi Torino

MIM 2015 ONLINE PROGRAMME incl. abstracts | look inside

THANKS for a great EMIM – thanks for your participation, for your excellent science, and all the open-minded discussions at and around the EMIM!

EMIM photos are available at the fb page – take a look!