This is a series of short webinars highlighting the outstanding work of the RUNNERS-UP of the ESMI Award for excellent PhD thesis

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Edition #2/24

#2/24 | Microscopy / Tissues

27 May 2024, 15.00h CEST


A panoramic view of the phenotypic landscape of healthy and tumor tissues–Multispectral 3D microscopy of intact tissues


Ravian van Ineveld, Utrecht

Chairs & Dicussion Lead:

Wolfgang Weber, Munich & Jolanda de Vries, Nijmegen

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About the speaker

Ravian L. van Ineveld is a postdoctoral researcher and microscopy facility manager at the Princess Maxima Center in Utrecht, where he obtained his PhD and is a member of the Anne Rios group.

He specializes in advancing fluorescence microscopy technologies for paediatric oncology research, particularly focusing on multispectral 3D confocal microscopy, organoid imaging, and AI-powered image analysis.

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Editions 2021-2024 & Recordings

Edition 2024

#1/24 | Nikita Sushentsev, Cambridge – Clinical and biological validation of hyperpolarised MRI of prostate cancer

Edition 2023
  • #1/23 | Anna Pees, Toronto (formerly Amsterdam) – [18F]Fluoroform – a Versatile Building Block for PET Tracer Synthesis
  • #2/23 | Mandy van Leent, New York – Employing Nanomedicine in Inflammatory Diseases
  • #3/23 | Cristina Barca, Hannover (formerly Muenster) – Multimodal Molecular Imaging of modulated neuroinflammatory response in experimental stroke
Edition 2022

#1/22 | Nicole Barth, Edinburgh – Development of a novel imaging platform for the detection of apoptotic cells
#2/22 | Doreen Lau, Cambridge – Imaging Biomarkers of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibition in Melanoma

Edition 2021

#1/21 | Claire Rabut, Paris – Ultrafast Ultrasound Neuroimaging
#2/21 | Daniele Bertoglio, Antwerp – PET Imaging
#3/21 | Annika Hess, Hannover – Cardiovascular Imaging
#4/21 | Colinda Scheele, Leuven – Stem Cell Dynamics

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Concept & Background


This webinar series is highlighting the outstanding work of the RUNNERS-UP of the ESMI Award for excellent PhD thesis

How Long?

45 minutes


The main speaker is one of the runners-up of the society’s PhD Award. Each webinar is chaired by two members of the Award Committee who also lead the subsequent discussion round.


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