THANKS! For an inspiring, open-minded, and great week in the French Alps dedicated to Neuroimaging.

Date: 19-24 February 2017

Venue: Ecole de Physique des Houches

Les Houches, France

Our vision of how the brain works is constantly evolving through progress of applied physics and mathematics that explore neural activity: molecular imaging of synaptic function, neuroendocrine modulation, cell survival and cellular interactions, mapping of brain functions and description of neuronal networks and plasticity. Conversely, the way in which the nervous system treats complex informationinspires new mathematics approaches such as neural networks. Moreover, merging physics approaches with genetics opens the fascinating capacity to control behaviours. Comprehensive training of neuroscientists into these new tools and concepts has become essential. 

Overall concept

Since 2007 the overall concept of TOPIM has been that experienced, high-level international scientists and younger/less experienced scientists from diverse disciplines are spending one week together at an inspiring place and to provide a “think tank” for knowledge exchange and intensive discussion. 

Presentations are held during the morning and early evening; so that there are plenty of opportunities for continued scientific discussions also in the afternoon.

TOPIM 2017 Committee

  • Bertrand Tavitian – Paris, France CHAIR standing committee
  • Michal Neeman – Rehovot, Israel CO-CHAIR standing committee
  • Vasilis Ntziachristos – Munich, Germany CO-CHAIR standing committee
  • Veerle Baekelandt – Leuven, Belgium
  • Cornelius Faber – Münster, Germany
  • Mathias Hoehn – Cologne, Germany
  • Andreas Jacobs – Bonn/Münster, Germany
  • Jan Klohs – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Adriaan Lammertsma – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Annemie van der Linden – Antwerp, Belgium
TOPIM 2017
  • Veerle Baekelandt – Leuven, Belgium
  • David Boas – Boston, USA
  • Bogdan Draganski – Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Jane Foster – Hamilton, Canada
  • Amanda Kiliaan – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Amy Bernards – Seattle, USA
  • Arthur Konnerth – Munich, Germany
  • Pierre Magistretti – Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Rosalyn Moran – Bristol, UK
  • Christin Y. Sander – Boston, USA
  • Annemie van der Linden – Antwerp, Belgium
  • Jürgen Voges – Magdeburg, Germany
  • Xin Yu – Tübingen, Germany

TOPIM 2017 was kindly supported by the FP7 project INMiND – Imaging of Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases