The Organizing Committee called for abstract submission for ORAL and POSTER presentations.

The MoBi 2021 will focus on the advances of molecular imaging, novel contrast agents and technologies including preclinical and clinical research. We will not only have lectures from leaders in the field of molecular imaging, but also offer great opportunities especially for young attendees to present their own work and expand their network. 

All submissions are closed – deadline was 1 June 2021 – sorry!

Abstract submission rules

  • 1) MRI, PET, and SPECT Imaging
  • 2) Photoacoustic Imaging, Ultrasound, and Optical Imaging
  • 3) CT Imaging
  • 4) Microscopy
  • 5) Other
  • A) Probe Chemistry
  • B) Neuroimaging
  • C) Cardiovascular Imaging
  • D) Oncology
  • E) Immunology/Infection
  • F) Other
  • abstracts need to be written in English
  • size limit: 2500 characters
  • you can add a maximum of one figure/picture (jpeg, png) with a limited size of 2MB
  • you have to follow the scheme Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgement/References
  • Submission Deadlines: 1st June 2021
  • with the submission of this abstracts you agree to the publication of your work within the scope of the MoBi 2021 
  • all abstracts will be acknowledged upon receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation within 36 hours after submission please contact the the organizing team via GyMIC(at)
Keynote Speakers
  • Alessandra Cambi, Nijmegen
  • Thilo van Eimeren, Cologne
  • Katherina Lückerath, Essen
  • Nils Petri, Wuerzburg