Focus on young Imaging Science by youngESMI GroupsĀ©

Every third Wednesday per month, one yESMI group organizes a 45 minutes webinar named “yESMInar – Focus on young Imaging Science” highlighting the work of one young imaging scientists. The subsequent discussion is led by a senior expert.

Next Editions

The yESMInar series is taking a summer break – the next cycle starts in autumn 2021. All former six editions from January to June 2021 were recorded – just watch recordings & enjoy!

What is a yESMInar???

It is a series of short webinars, each organized by one youngESMI Group


Every third Wednesday per month starting at 15.00h CET.

How long?

45 minutes


The main speaker is a young imaging scientists selected and invited by the organizing youngESMI Group. The subsequent discussion round is led by a senior expert/PI. Each seminar is organized and chaired by a different young ESMI Group.


Promote the work of young imaging scientists. Provide an informal platform for extending the professional network of young imaging scientists – especially during these restricted times.

How can I participate?

You can join each yESMInar of your choice. You just have to register.
Registration is free of charge but obligatory! Webinars are held via Zoom.