Highest quality science is the hallmark of the society and its annual meeting. This requires a reliable, transparent process and many experts who are happy to contribute.

Would you be interested and available to be part of the programme team for the upcoming EMIM 2023 in Salzburg?

What we are looking for:
  1. Senior Experts – without your expertise and network the organization of an excellent programme on the highest scientific level is not possible. We are well aware about your tight schedule and trust in your commitment and dedication for imaging science. Please apply!
  2. Junior Fellow – you hold a postdoc position and your knowledge about your field of expertise is already quite comprehensive, you are eager to learn more about programme organization, would like to enlarge your professional network, and be an active part of the society. Face the challenge and apply!
How to apply:

Complete the form at https://forms.gle/jP3UmwyApmjbunJU8.

You are asked to specify your expertise and provide some information about your motivation and career (incl. up to three relevant publications). It’s easy to complete and should not take longer than five minutes.

With expected 800+ international participants from all areas of imaging science, the EMIM continuous to grow while maintaining its collaborative, familiar spirit. Be invited to take an active role!

All data collected will be treated confidentially and is only be used to put together an excellent programme team.