The Category CHAIRs are defining the abstract categories of “their” category and recommend experts (subCHAIRS) per abstract category. They are responsible for the session building.

The subCHAIRS are responsible for the reviewing process, they recommend the reviewers, and are supporting the Category Chairs in every way needed. 

Programme Committee

Category Chairs
1 – Oncology Imaging

Wolfgang Weber, Munich & Tim Witney, London

2 – Neuroimaging

Noam Shemesh, Lisban & Pedro Ramos-Cabrer, San Sebastián

3 – Cardiovascular/Respiratory Imaging

James Thackeray, Hannover & Jesús Ruiz-Cabello, San Sebastian

4 – Immunology, Inflammation & Infection

Nick Devoogdt, Brussels & Wiktor Szymanski, Groningen

5 – Image-Guided Therapy

Margret Schottelius, Lausanne & Sophie Hernot, Brussels

6 – Imaging Metabolism

Eleonora Cavallari, Torino & André Martins, Tübingen

7 – Probe Chemistry

Roger Schibli, Villingen & Marc Vendrell, Edinburgh & Danielle Vugts, Amsterdam

8 – Imaging Technologies

Christian Vanhove, Ghent & Colinda Scheele, Leuven & Franz Schilling, Munich

9 – Image Processing & Quantification

Ronald Boellaard, Amsterdam/Groningen

  • Sarah Bohndiek, Cambridge
  • Hervé Boutin, Manchester
  • Twan Lammers, Aachen
  • Adriaan Lammertsma, Amsterdam
  • Albert D. Windhorst, Amsterdam