Online Programme is now available!

The programme will be continiously updated – currently Parallel & Poster Sessions are already filled with abstracts.

The number of abstracts submitted within the first deadline (4 May) exceeded by far our expectations. The Programme Chairs and Committees finalised the Parallel Session building for the first 21 sessions! Three full sessions are reserved for your late-breaking submissions.

Session Types

  • PARALLEL & POSTER SESSIONS – filled with your submissions
  • PLENARY LECTURES by outstanding leaders and award winners
  • EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS – for juniors & “seniors”!
  • Informal, interactive STUDY GROUP Meetings
  • youngESMI events including Scientific Speed Dating & Meet the Experts Sessions
  • FOCUS SESSIONS organized in cooperation with projects/related societies

Download Programme Layout (draft)

Parallel Sessions

Cardiovascular Imaging
MRI & PET Probe Development
Optical Probe Development
Optoacoustic & Multimodal Probe Development
Image Processing & Quantification
Image-Guided Therapy : Clinical
Image-Guided Therapy : Pre-Clinical
Immunology & Infection
Lung Imaging
MRI Technology
Ultrasound & Optoacoustic Technologies
Macroscale Technologies
Imaging Metabolism
Microscale Technologies
Structural & Functional Neuroimaging
New Methods & Methodology in Neuroimaging
Disease Models in Neuroimaging
Immune-Oncology Imaging          
Understanding Tumour Biology     
Imaging to Diagnose Cancer          
New Tracers & Technologies in Cancer Imaging

Educational Programme

In 2021 we do not charge any additonal costs for the Educational Sessions – just join, learn, and enjoy!

ES 01 Intro | Cancer Imaging – The Basics
Chairs: Sandra Heskamp & Tim Witney

ES 01 | Viruses & Cancer – Friends or Foe?
Chairs: Erik Aarntzen, Gilbert Fruhwirt, Marleen Keyaerts

ES 02 | Imaging Probes based on…”    
Chairs: Danielle Vugts & Verena Pichler

ES 03 | Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chairs: René Botnar & Franz Schilling

ES 04 | Artificial-Intelligence-based Image Understanding & Radiomics
Chairs: Peter Horvath & Ronald Boellard

Do not miss to sign-in for the educational sessions during registration!