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Thanks for a totally unexpected number of excellent abstract submissions. 24 Parallel Sessions and two Poster Sessions are now filled with your work!

Session Types

  • PARALLEL & POSTER SESSIONS – filled with your submissions
  • PLENARY LECTURES by outstanding leaders and award winners
  • EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS – for juniors & “seniors”!
  • Informal, interactive STUDY GROUP Meetings
  • youngESMI events: Scientific Speed Dating & Meet the Expert Sessions
  • FOCUS SESSIONS organized in cooperation with projects/related societies
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Parallel Sessions

Wednesday 25 August 2021
PS 01  Understanding Tumour Biology
PS 02  Macroscale Technologies
PS 03  Lung Imaging
PS 04  Optoacoustic & Multimodal Probe Development
PS 05  Imaging to Diagnose Cancer
PS 06  New Methods & Methodology in Neuroimaging
PS 07  Immunology & Infection
PS 08  Cardiovascular Imaging
PS 09  Ultrasound & Optoacoustic Technologies
PS 10  MRI & PET Probe Development
PS 11  Image-Guided Therapy : Pre-Clinical
PS 12 Tissue Oxygenation & Cellular Viability
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Thursday 26 August 2021
PS 13 Image-Guided Therapy: Clinical
PS 14Microscale Technologies
PS 15Image Processing & Quantification
PS 16New Tracers & Technologies in Cancer Imaging
PS 17Optical Probe Development
PS 18Structural & Functional Neuroimaging
PS 19Imaging Metabolism
PS 20Imaging Technologies | from Cells to Organs
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Friday 27 AuGust 2021
PS 21 Therapy Monitoring
PS 22Immune-Oncology Imaging
PS 23Disease Models in Neuroimaging
PS 24MRI Technology
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Educational Programme

In 2021 we do not charge any additonal costs for the Educational Sessions – just join, learn, and enjoy!

ES 01 Intro | The Basics of Immuno-Oncology
Chairs: Sandra Heskamp & Tim Witney

ES 01 | Viruses & Cancer – Friends or Foe?
Chairs: Erik Aarntzen, Gilbert Fruhwirt, Marleen Keyaerts

ES 02 | Imaging Probes based on…”    
Chairs: Danielle Vugts & Verena Pichler

ES 03 | Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chairs: René Botnar & Franz Schilling

ES 04 | Artificial-Intelligence-based Image Understanding & Radiomics
Chairs: Peter Horvath & Ronald Boellaard